Valentines Special- Top 5 Romantic Destinations Around the World!

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As Valentines Day is just around the corner, we thought of collating a list of world’s most romantic destinations, here our top 5

Dublin, Ireland– This place can never go wrong, with so much to offer, you will never run out of ideas in Dublin. Cathedrals, Castles or Quaint Scenery, Concerts, Food Experiences or Art Galleries, you name it and Dublin has everything.

Cape Town, South Africa– For a relaxed kind of holiday which offers breathtakingly beautiful views, Cape Town is your go to option. Beaches, Mountains, and a Mountain Beach, Resorts, Spa, Cable Cars, Scenic Excellence, if these words ring a bell in your imagination, fulfil your dreams at Cape Town.

Charleston, America– Being voted as the most favourite city in America, it truly deserves the accolades. Rick in culture and history and yet being low key, it serves as a perfect romantic getaway from the usual city life. In fact it offers pleasant weather all year round, making it even more viable.

Dubrovnik, Carotia– A less explored and hidden gem kind of place, Dubrovnik offers old world charm that you cant take off your eyes from. walk along the fort walls while looking at the Adriatic sea through the cliffs.

Jaipur, India- A city of palaces and cultural delights, Jaipur is one of the most colourful romantic getaways one can explore. From architectural beauties to tasting royalty of India in ancient palaces and cuisine, you cannot get bored in Jaipur.

So let us know when and where do you plan to travel and Do Musafir will help you curate your travel plans as per your needs, write to us at for more details. You can also follow us at Facebook and Instagram


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One thought on “Valentines Special- Top 5 Romantic Destinations Around the World!

  1. Stella Jane

    These destinations all look super romantic. I am American and I vote for Charleston. It really is a gorgeous city. I’m pleased that you put Dublin because it’s not most people’s first choice for romance, but I think it’s a lovely city.

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