What not to do when in Singapore..!

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Whenever you travel to a foreign land, most people end up talking and writing about the stuff you shouldn’t miss, the places that you should definitely visit, or the food you must eat, but rarely they tell you the things you should avoid and rather not do. We Do Musafir, were in Singapore recently and before we tell you what all you should do in Singapore, here is a list of things you shouldn’t do and totally avoid

1. Do Not Litter– Yes Singapore is one of those countries, who are cleanliness freaks and you can be heavily fined for littering public places. So a word of caution, please make use of bins, which are kept in abundance throughout Singapore, but by any means do not throw anything on the roads and lanes.

2. Smoke Only at Designated Areas– Another thing, which is very strictly observed in Singapore is that you can smoke only at designated areas, smoking in public otherwise is a legal offence.

3. Do Not Chew Gum– Yes, this might sound a little weird, but chewing gums are banned in Singapore and hence importing them, buying them and obviously chewing them is a legal offence. So keep your gums back home when traveling to Singapore.

4. Don’t Do Drugs– Drugs are completely banned in Singapore, and forget having them while in Singapore, you can be caught and arrested even if you have drugs in your system as you step in the country. So remember to detoxify your body completely even before you reach Singapore.

5. Don’t Forget to Flush– Yes a random check in the public toilet, could land you in jail or heavily fined if you forget to flush. Like mentioned above cleanliness freak is what Singapore is, so make sure you adhere to the same.

So prep yourself with these things and we will bring you what you should actually do in Singapore in our next post. And remember, we at Do Musafir help you curate your travel plans, so dont forget to write to us at admin@domusafir.in and follow us on Instagram and Facebook

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17 thoughts on “What not to do when in Singapore..!

  1. Abigail Sinsona

    These are all true and I’ve just gone back from Singapore. I am amazed with how well organized things are there. It is so clean and peaceful too. I definitely enjoyed my time in SG that I already want to go back!

  2. Tom

    I knew about most rules already, but… Arrested when drugs in your system? Holy shit! I gotta be more careful next time I travel to Singapore. It is a really cool place so despite these do nots, I love it out there.

  3. Linda

    Great advice! I come from a bit of a neat freak family, so I think I would be fine if I visited Singapore. πŸ˜‰ Hopefully I can one day!

  4. Kaelyn Korte

    Holy cow, I did not know about these rules. I am surprised chewing gum is banned, however, if they are strict on cleanliness then it makes sense. I do plan on traveling to Singapore one day so these are important to remember.

  5. Monica

    I love every time I go to Singapore. It is amazing to see the systems they have in place to keep this small piece of land free of such things. Surprisingly everyone falls in place when they land here even if some of these are hard. I wish the world was kept clean by humans even without restrictions.

  6. Mel Butler

    You are so right, people rarely tell you the things you should avoid and rather not do. I have been to Singapore many times, as I stop there when I fly to Australia to see my family. I remember the first time that I went there and heard about the no chewing gum rule and the Don’t Forget to Flush. I thought when people were joking.

  7. Yukti

    Nice information on what not to do in Singapore. As there are many posts on what to do or see in Singapore, but your article is very informative as it is making us aware of what not to do. As I have Singapore is extremely clean, and now reading your post it is very clear, that strict rules should be followed to make a place neat and clean. I would remember all these rules before going to Singapore.

  8. Stella Jane

    This is really interesting information! I knew about not littering in Singapore but I had no idea about not chewing gum or not flushing. It seems like a fascinating place and I’d love to go there some day.

  9. Denny George

    Singapore is quite well known for its strict laws as far as maintaining a civic sense is concerned. It is good for you to highlight these so that visitors are forewarned.

  10. Blair Villanueva

    I agree, the chewing gum law is quite intriguing πŸ™‚
    Just be mindful for others and you will be fine.

  11. Kate

    Interesting! I had heard of some of these before (the gum one was pretty famous in my area growing up), but I had never heard of the flushing fine! Makes sense, though–fits in with Singapore’s focus on cleanliness.

  12. LaiAriel Samangka

    Wow, I actually rarely read something like this and I find it very useful and interesting to share about. I haven’t been to Singapore yet, and this reminders should be considered before planning to visit Singapore as they are really strict when incomes to their rules. Thank you so much for this, will surely bear this in mind when I’m in SG.

  13. Tamshuk

    I’ve lived in Singapore for almost eight years and I really got to know some of the laws/customs of the place almost inside out. The chewing gum law still intrigues me. But yeah, there are a lot of fines for violating civic manners in Singapore.

  14. Nathan

    Great to see that you’re well versed with the faux pas and crimes in Singapore. There are lots more and that explains why travellers often label our country as a ‘fine’ city; pun intended to imply that the government has imposed fines on many seemingly trivial acts!

  15. Sidhu Jetha

    Ha Ha, Except for the drugs thing, rest you can proudly do in India. Great to know that Singapore is strict about these. Really an eye opener for us and our administration.

  16. Parnashree Devi

    I absolutely loved these strict rules. Thats how you can make a destination the most desired one. This is quite a helpful post for everyone. I love the fact that Singapore is taking steps to make it clean. Great post.

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